Google + FINCH: The Power of 1:1 Intent
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 @ 11:00 AM MST

Customers are demanding more specific, intent-driven advertisements from digital marketers. Are your digital marketing campaigns set up for success? Learn from FINCH and Google Ads experts how to future-proof your approach and understand how to dominate paid search, shopping & display!

About the Webinar:

Roughly 70% of consumers turn to search, maps, and YouTube when browsing for products/services or shopping for them. Imagine having the ability to not only understand but also better predict their journey at any moment. Would that level of transparency change the way you orchestrate your campaigns and messaging?

In 2020, consumers are dictating reach, frequency—and when and what they want to hear from you. And what many digital marketers are beginning to understand is how their historical data will pave the road to success with stronger abilities to target and better anticipate their audiences’ needs.

Automation and optimization tools are only the tip of the iceberg. In this webinar, you’ll learn about best practices for data organization and the importance your historical data plays in determining the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. Stop marketing to the average and start understanding your audience—and their intent—at a level that will make it seem like you can determine the future. Additionally, you’ll understand how you can create campaigns that focus on your unique business outcomes.

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • Learn industry-defining, new approaches to power your digital marketing channels.
  • Understand how you can unify Search and Shopping channels with Display to fully-orchestrate your digital marketing funnel, leading to profitable growth.
  • Focus on creating 1:1 intent for your buyers by gaining full transparency into campaign performance and by gaining more control over account management.
  • See how structured, granular data enables advertisers to customize performance goals and drive measurable impacts on your business’s scalability.
  • Receive recommendations to optimize your paid media tactics + a free audit of any of your paid media accounts (courtesy of FINCH).
  • Live Q+A with FINCH’s and Google’s thought leadership experts.
About Our Speakers:

Michelle Roberts
VP of Key Accounts, FINCH
Michelle has driven client success for the last decade of her career. She came to FINCH because of the enthusiastic, motivating leadership and company culture. Starting as a Director, Michelle became the VP of Client Success after growing her team. She excels in developing key revenue growth strategies for enterprise clients, oftentimes doubling (or tripling) their business. Outside of the office, she enjoys long-distance running and driving Subaru factory rally cars at top speed.

Darragh O'Doherty Agency Development Manager, Google
Darragh has worked at Google for over 8 years in three countries and brings extensive knowledge of Google Ads platform and the agency eco-system to his clients. Darragh works closely with Google’s top Premier Partner agencies on the west coast. When he's not in the office you’ll find him out enjoying the wonderful city of San Francisco.

About FINCH:

FINCH is an award-winning effective advertising management software with optimized analytics across Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing), Amazon, and Display Networks. We deliver digital marketing results driven by your unique business goals and objectives. To learn more about how Finch empowers online advertisers to manage growth and become successful through software and best practices, visit

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